Shared Medical Appointments

Milton Medical Centre is now conducting Shared Medical Appointments (SMA) across a range of chronic diseases.

An SMA is a comprehensive medical visit, not just a group education session, where a significant part of the added value comes from the facilitated support from peers within the group who have similar health ailments. This allows for improved quality of care for our patients and enhances patient knowledge and self-management of their condition through peer support and shared information.

SMA’s allow for extra time to be spent with the doctor and other health experts, and creates an opportunity for health professionals to get to know their patients better in an interactive setting.  

SMA’s typically consist of a care delivery team and approximately 10 patients. They arefacilitated by a general practitioner (GP) and Practice Nurse and may include a pharmacist, dietitian, exercise physiologist or other allied health professional (AHP). A documenter may also be included to record medical notes as care is being delivered.

Throughout the session (typically about 90 minutes), GPs are involved in the usual tasks of history-taking, examination, medical decision-making and advising patients in conjunction with AHPs.

Sexual Health

Safe sex is about:

  • preventing sexually transmissible infections (STIs)
  • avoiding unintended pregnancy
  • staying emotionally healthy

Sexual Health Checks

A sexual health check is a check-up by a doctor, nurse or other health worker with a focus on sexual health. You do not need to be experiencing symptoms to have a check-up. There are a number of sexually transmissible infections (STIs) which often cause no symptoms (eg. Chlamydia).

Contact Tracing for Adults

Contact tracing is the process of identifying people who have been in contact with a person who has an infectious disease and ensuring these contacts are aware of their exposure and options for follow-up. Partner notification is more specifically targeted at particular people who may have been in direct contact with a person with a communicable disease.


If you have unprotected sex, you may be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection.  Some infections do not cause any symptoms so regular screening is necessary to avoid long terms problems such as  infertility.  It also means you can prevent passing infections onto your sexual partners.  Screening is easy and often involves a simple urine test and blood test.


BBV blood borne viruses are viruses present in the blood of an infected person.  They can be transferred through sexual activity for example Hepatitis B and HIV.  Using condoms every time you have sex is the best way to reduce transmission of BBV and other STI's.

Milton Skin Cancer Clinic

Milton Skin Cancer Clinic is located at 131 Princes Highway, Milton in Bicknell House and is accessible from the patient carpark behind the main Medical Centre.

Ante-Natal Clinic

Milton Medical Centre provides a comprehensive antenatal service for women in the local area.

Cardiac Stress Testing

Heart disease is a major cause of mortality and is the most common cause of sudden death in Australia.

Chronic Disease Management

A GP management plan (GPMP) involves your Doctor developing a plan to better manage your chronic disease or condition. The plan covers your health problems and assists in co-ordinating your care with other health professionals.

Diabetes Management

A comprehensive Diabetes Clinic is offered to all patients of Milton Medical Centre, who have either Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Gestational diabetes, Impaired Glucose Tolerance or Impaired Fasting Glucose.

Health Assessments

Healthy Kids Check

The healthy kids check is a free assessment of a child's physical health, general-well being and development prior to commencing school with the purpose of implementing early interventions as appropriate.

Nursing Home & Hostel Visits

Nursing Home

Patients can have ongoing care from this practice when they enter the residential facilities at the nearby Sarah Claydon Aged Care Centre located in Milton.

Obstetric & Gynaecology

Milton Medical Centre provides an Obstetric and Gynaecological service for women in the area.


Southern Pathology provides an on-site pathology service daily from 8am to 12.20pm. Nurses and doctors also provide pathology services such as wound swabs, venesections, pap smears, urinalysis as required.

Pre Anaesthetic Checks

Prior to hospital admission for a scheduled procedure patients are required to perform a pre anaesthetic check to conduct specific examinations required by the anaesthetist.    This service is provided at the clinic and involves the following standard procedures.

Travel Medications

Individual travel advice packs can be ordered for patients prior to international travel offering professional health advice specific to the countries visited. Travel vaccinations are also administered at the practice in accordance with recommendations specified for each country.

Immunisations & Vaccinations

Our doctors and nurses provide advice and guidance for adult and childhood immunisations. Immunisations are generally administered by the nursing staff in the nurses room.

Visiting Specialists

Professor Garth Nicholson - Neurologist

Visits from Concord Hospital once a month on Saturday's (Ph:  02 9767 6796)


Woman's Health

Women have unique needs both in terms of specific health issues and the way to access health services and information.

Being familiar with how your body works, what is considered normal and abnormal, will better help you identify early any potential health challenges and allow you to take action. Monitoring your health can improve your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Wound Management

Wound healing is determined by the general health of the patient. The assessment of the patient as a whole is critical for the planning and evaluation of care.

Emergency Info

Urgent cases will be seen at any time.
Ambulance 000 or 131233.
After hours GP helpline 1800 022 222
Milton Ulladulla Hospital 02 4455 1333


Privacy Assured

An ethical and confidentiality code, inline with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Code of Ethics and the Privacy Act, is upheld by all staff at Milton Medical Centre.

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