Cardiac Stress Testing

Heart disease is a major cause of mortality and is the most common cause of sudden death in Australia.

At Milton Medical Centre you will be assessed for your risk of heart disease. This may be indicated if you are suffering from symptoms that may suggest heart disease. Such symptoms may include chest pain, tightness or burning, breathlessness or palpitations. It may also be indicated if you have significant risk factors for heart disease.  These may include family history, high cholesterol, smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. You will have a physical examination.

An Electrocardiograph (ECG) will be performed. This is a medical device that measures the electrical activity of the heart. A Cardiac Exercise Test will then be performed, which involves walking on a treadmill whilst still connected to the ECG.

On the basis of the above assessment you will be advised as to your current heart health status. You may be given advice on management of any risk factors, you may also require further testing.

On the day of the test:
Eat normally until 2 hours prior to the test then consume water only until the completion of the test.

Please wear comfortable clothing as you will be exercising, shorts or tracksuits are appropriate with a loose blouse or a button through shirt

Please wear appropriate covered in footwear.  Joggers or flat walking shoes are ideal.

Bring a towel as you often perspire throughout the test.

Bring a list of your current medications, and continue taking your medications unless otherwise advised.

You can save time by printing the Cardiac Stress Test Consent Form before your visit to Milton Medical Centre.

Emergency Info

Urgent cases will be seen at any time.
Ambulance 000 or 131233.
After hours GP helpline 1800 022 222
Milton Ulladulla Hospital 02 4455 1333


Privacy Assured

An ethical and confidentiality code, inline with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Code of Ethics and the Privacy Act, is upheld by all staff at Milton Medical Centre.

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