University of Wollongong Phase 3 Student Doctors

We have students in the last 18 months of their medical training, undertaking a longitudinal (38 weeks) integrated clinical placement.

Phase 3 medical students work with and learn from rural and regional medical and health practitioners to gain an understanding of what it means to practice medicine in these communities, developing a high level of clinical competences and develop both personally and professionally.

In general practice and under the supervision of a GP Preceptor, the Phase 3 Medical Students have access to patients in a range of local hospital and community health settings, and experience continuity of care for patients, continuity of supervision by your GP and other health professionals and continuity of curriculum as seen in the real world of clinical practice.  The Phase 3 Medical Students have opportunities in acute and chronic health care, interdisciplinary learning and population health.


Emergency Info

Urgent cases will be seen at any time.
Ambulance 000 or 131233.
After hours GP helpline 1800 022 222
Milton Ulladulla Hospital 02 4455 1333


Privacy Assured

An ethical and confidentiality code, inline with the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Code of Ethics and the Privacy Act, is upheld by all staff at Milton Medical Centre.

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